42coinAfter the succes of Bitcoin and Litecoin it seems that no week goes by without a new altcoin. Now this crazy idea is trying it’s luck: 42Coin. Only 42 Coins will ever be mined. So heaps of people have started to mine 42 right away… The new altcoin is super rare. Also when mining – only 0.000042 coins per block! 42 second block time. This 42Coin has a clear unique selling point.

Specifications 42Coin

  • Scrypt
  • 42 coins Max
  • 42 second block time
  • Difficulty re-target every 7 minutes
  • 0.00000010 Block reward for the first 419 blocks
  • Blocks 420+ are 0.00004200 block reward
  • Random 10x SUPERBLOCKS
  • Block 420 is a SUPERBLOCK with 10x the normal block value
  • Tx fees are 0.00000001
  • Website

Value and chart 42Coin

If we look at price of 42 Coin it is not strange that due to the rarity the price is now more than a 1000 BTC, according to Cryptsy. See the chart below. The new cryptocurrency is about a week old, and the first full 42C isn’t mined yet. At the moment 0.88 42c is mined. One 42C is worth $853,687 so the market cap of 42 Coin is $752,916. 

What do you think, will 42Coin be a success?

chart 42Coin

Tipjar Litecoinblog –> 42c: 4H73YSdLnjpVfQ56C5iEkrgLWZNyLge29j

  • Carl

    To anyone having 42 coins missing from a pool check your address if it’s 4GqmKHW2v6ZnFa85uGLz7SQ8UkoK7GK9ar
    change it and change your password. http://altexplorer.net/address/4GqmKHW2v6ZnFa85uGLz7SQ8UkoK7GK9ar 156 transactions and counting

    i noticed on 42.forpool that my account had been set to auto payout and anonymous and now looking at CONTRIBUTOR HASHRATES the top 15 have been set to anonymous dont know if this was done to try to protect people or what but might want to check your address just incase

    If this helps you save some 42coin and ya want to make a donation heres my address

    42coin – 4EZr22SvqTjjrxCyomdMECWWZ3gVDS8nXs
    bitcoin – 1HPcxqfgR6rxfLz2v6JG1YqZEK4eviWZHZ
    litecoin – LXWZ6csWcw7mYhgdKoPeHeKRXzuh9pLJwp

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