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There a different ways to buy Litecoin

This is how you buy Litecoin at Cryptsy:

– Go to

– Open an account

– Start trading Litecoin

BTER Litecoin

You can also trade Litecoin @ BTER. Also other cryptocurrencies available.

BTC-E Litecoin

This is how you buy Litecoin at BTC-E:

  1. Register @
  2. Make a deposit under the finance tab
  3. Transfer the BTC to the btc-e address from your BTC wallet
  4. It takes a few minutes before the money is tranfered to btc-e
  5. After, go to the trade tab and click LTC/BTC to place an order
  6. Fill in the amount of Litecoin you want to but
  7. Fill in the price you want to pay for Litecoin (in BTC)
  8. If the order is through you now you will receice a noticfication (there is a 0,2% fee per transaction)
  9. The Litecoin will be added in your BTC-e funds.
  10. Tranfer the LTC to your wallet (this is optional and you have to pay a fee)

Buy Litecoin, buy Bitcoin, but also, buy all other kinds  of Cryptocurrencies. More and more people are jumping on the cryptocurrency train. Of course Bitcoin is getting most of the attention, but also the alternatives, like Litecoin, are gaining much exposure. More and more people are thinking of switching to Litecoin. The price of Litecoin rose already signigicantly, but it is still waiting for big gains. This is just the beginning of the rise of cryptocurrencies, so why not diversify?

Easy as that! Good luck with your Litecoin!

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  • vinay86

    Also consider this >> How To Buy Litecoin With USD, Paypal, Credit Card

  • Peter

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  • Peter

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    Buying BTC and exchenge it into LTC will have to many fee 🙁

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