From CCN | Various Dogecoin and Litecoin members announced a brand new initiative to both raise Christmas money for orphans in the Philippines and unite the crypto communities over a special cause.

The charity, deemed “Liteshibes4Christmas,” will launch on both the Litecoin subreddit and the Dogecoin subreddit, along with The hope is that this charity event will set precedent for all the digital currency communities to join forces and work together for good causes in the future, regardless of differences.

Andrew, also known in the Litecoin community as The Mage and newly appointed Director for the Litecoin Association, told CCN about how he felt about Liteshibes4Christmas:

“I have always been a big proponent of bringing all crypto communities together, and to me we are just two sides of the same coin, pun intended! I hope that this partnership will truly inspire other communities to proactively reach out to each other to forge friendships and partnerships in the future.”

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