From CT: Merged-Mining Deal | Dogecoin has fallen from the early, heady days when no one really cared about the sustainability of the coin and everyone was riding their shibes to the moon. Today, Dogecoin is facing a whole host of problems, but perhaps the biggest of them was just solved. Dogecoin was facing the possibility of a 51 % attack. The coin is rapidly lowering it reward rate for miners. That obviously is resulting in fewer miners which means a lower hash rate and a less secure network. The coin’s community has decided to go forward with merged mining.

Enabling merged mining will allow users to mine Doge and Litecoin (or other Scrypt-based coins) at the same time. It won’t change the total output of coins, but will instead allow miners to receive two revenue streams at the same time, increasing their reward. Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee has been communicating with the Dogecoin community and has help make the case for merged mining.

Dogecoin was never designed to last as long as it has. Fitting into its meme nature and nearly sarcastic creation, it was designed to last a year or two rather than exist as a long term, stable currency. Dogecoin was and still is very favorable to miners. Dogecoin is designed to be mined 20 times faster than Bitcoin. So whereas Bitcoin was designed to have 95 % of its coins mined in the first 20 years, Doge is designed to be 95 % mined in the first year.

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