Mt. Gox is a service of Tibanne Co. Ltd., a privately-owned Japanese corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. Recognized as the leading exchange for Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency, Mt. Gox has seen unprecedented global growth in 2013 and isĀ  currently focusing on building a stronger infrastructure to safely promote the spread of Bitcoin throughout the world. Now in it’s last press relaese Mt. Gox is speaking for the first time officially about the rumours that Litecoin will be added to the Mt. Gox portfolio next to Bitcoin.

ltc mt gox

Litecoin implementation delayed

The answer to the question: “When will you be adding Litecoin (LTC) to Mt. Gox?” is the following: “Soon. We were planning on doing so two weeks ago, but events derailed that plan. Right now we are focused on overall stability of the exchange, and will launch LTC when we are ready. Otherwise we could be further complicating things.”

Litecoin is rising: $4,-

Meanwhile the price of Litecoin has risen significantly in the last days. Since the press lease from Mt. Gox. the price of LTC has increased about 30%, from around $3,- to around $4,-. The LTC/BTC is still around 0.028.

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