42coinAfter the succes of Bitcoin and Litecoin it seems that no week goes by without a new altcoin. Now this crazy idea is trying it’s luck: 42Coin. Only 42 Coins will ever be mined. So heaps of people have started to mine 42 right away… The new altcoin is super rare. Also when mining – only 0.000042 coins per block! 42 second block time. This 42Coin has a clear unique selling point.

Specifications 42Coin

  • Scrypt
  • 42 coins Max
  • 42 second block time
  • Difficulty re-target every 7 minutes
  • 0.00000010 Block reward for the first 419 blocks
  • Blocks 420+ are 0.00004200 block reward
  • Random 10x SUPERBLOCKS
  • Block 420 is a SUPERBLOCK with 10x the normal block value
  • Tx fees are 0.00000001
  • Website

Value and chart 42Coin

If we look at price of 42 Coin it is not strange that due to the rarity the price is now more than a 1000 BTC, according to Cryptsy. See the chart below. The new cryptocurrency is about a week old, and the first full 42C isn’t mined yet. At the moment 0.88 42c is mined. One 42C is worth $853,687 so the market cap of 42 Coin is $752,916. 

What do you think, will 42Coin be a success?

chart 42Coin

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