Exscudo is a totally new project in cryptospace and it aims to be the gateway between the traditional financial world and cryptocurrencies. The company develops a number of blockchain-based products.


ICO starts 25th of April

It will hold an ICO that starts the 25th of April 2017. Untill that time you can make a EON coins booking with 10% bonus. All pre-orders booked have the be bought during the first 48h of the ICO.  Read more at the Exscudo ICO website.

ICO & EON coins

EON is a proprietary, flexible and independent blockchain technology created by the Exscudo Team. The total ammount of EON wil be fixed at 240 million EON. During the ICO, that last 37 days, there will be approximately 151 million EON available. The price for 1 EON will be 0.0002 BTC. All Exscudo services are connected to the liquidity center via the company’s own blockchain EON – this measure makes them more secure and transparent than existing cryptocurrency exchanges. The EON blockchain platform enables the whole system to be transparent without disclosing bank secrecy.

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Financial services and products

As said, the Exscudo team has been working the last couple of years on the couple of financial products and servies which gogin to be ready in the third quarter of 2017. Examples of the Exscudo products will be: Exscudo Exchange, Exscudo Wallet, Charts, Trading terminals, Exscudo debit cards, Exscudo merchant platform and Channels protected messenger.
EON blockchain

Working together with PwC

Exscudo has already made a partnership with the law firm PwC Legal to advise it on the legal side of provision of alternative means of payment. It;s a market where crypto can win markteshare, thus the financial world is not very much into blockchain and new crypto payment methods yet. Room to grow for this new crypto company.

Meet the Exscudo team

Exscudo has released an video featuring the top managers. In the video, Alex Sitnikov (CTO), Julian Kossinov (CFO), and Andrew Zimine (CEO) explain the idea behind the new platform to the cryptocurrency community and general public. Exscudo’s products will provide innovative IT solutions and functions in a new legal field. The new financial ecosystem is being turned into a reality by relentless efforts of specialists from various competences.  The core of the Exscudo project will be its Stock Exchange, on which EON coins are traded instead of other crypto or money.

Meet the CEO

Andrew is the Owner and the CEO of Exscudo. With over 18 years of experience in IT technologies and their integration into the real sector of economy he has worked on managerial positions for more than 8 years now. He is a consulting expert on DAPPS Ethereum and consults major Russian financial market players on cryptocurrencies trading. Andrew is an expert on blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks.

Want more information?

Want to know more about Exscudo, visit the main website or the ICO website. The ICO will start at the 25th of April and the crowdsale will last for 37 days.

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