Quarkcoin logoQuarkcoin is a relatively new crypto-currency that allows online coin transactions. Quarkcoin is totally going for the security as Unique Selling Point and it seems to pay out. Quarkcoin (also know as Quark) uses 9 rounds of secure hashing from 6 different algorithms. Quarkcoin is now the 4th largest crypto-currency worldwide. Litecoin is still in second place, after Bitcoin.

Quarkcoin bigger than Namecoin & Primecoin

With all the extra security measures Quarkcoin has risen significantly last couple of weeks. One QRK is now worth about $0,26. It has even passed Namecoin and Primecoin in Market Capitalization. The value of the Quark market is 66,5 million at the moment. The official website of Quark is: http://qrk.cc/

Specifications Quarkcoin

  • Block interval – Every 30 seconds a new block is generated.
  • Confirmation time – A transaction is confirmed in 3 minutes after the block in which the transition is recorded is under 6 blocks.
  • Issuing Interval – In the first 6 months, 247 million QRK will be mined; after that around 1 Million quarks will be mined in a year.
  • Difficulty – Every 20 blocks (10 minutes) difficulty is re-targeted. Difficulty can increase by 10% at most and down by 50% at best.
  • Mined coins till now: 246,128,337.00 QRK

 Buy or sell Quarkcoin

You can buy or sell Quark (QRK) at Vircurex.com

  • Great coin, my only issue is pre-mining. meh~

  • Jeez…

    @Teez: QRK is NOT pre-mined. Read upon it.

  • Samuel

    We who can really tell Jeez and Teez???

    I can’t see why this Quark is going so fast, good specs, but I favour Primecoin still, due to the scientific research.

    And Litecoin of course!

  • In my opinion there are to many QRK coins available. It will never hit a high price.

  • Incorrect URL under the “http://www.qrk.cc/” text!

  • Lyle

    Still wrong redirect link, anyone have any good growth charts to show quarkcoin. Also, we need a valid way to transfer from qrk to real money, I know that there are good websites to get from btc to money orders, so we need a good website to transfer from qrk to btc or qrk to USD.

  • Tiago

    Quarkcoin had some linear market cap increasing. Do you all know why?

    • Jack

      Quark coin has some built in inflation. A mixed model gives coin to miners who find blocks (which is now effectively at a very low rate) and a reward to holders of quark coin ( approx. 1% per anum, if I recall).

      Interesting design – seems to be motivated to make quarkcoin inflate slightly and avoid deflationary spiral/speculation and get its use as a
      transfer currency up.

      See, for instance, the Tera (designed by the Euro theoretiction ) which has a steep 5% inflation built in to encourage a high velocity
      (in the sense of the velocity of money) “use me rather than hold me”
      use culture. Seems like a sound notion.

      ok, doh I’ve used “use” way too much here, but I’m just lazy

  • Wdk408

    Quark – Money, Reinvented Video

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