SatoshihypeThere is a new website, Called Satoshihype, that promises 44% profit on your bitcoin deposit in 2 days. It sounds like a great deal of course, but is it really possible? Is Satoshihype real Bitcoin magic, as they say, or is just it another scam? will try to find out if this Satoshi hype is genuine or not. We used 0.05 BTC that we have earned with advertizement on our blog to try New updates.

What is Satoshihype?

First, hoe does it work? What is Satoshihype exactly? This is what writes on it’s website:

You get 48 payments, 3% of your deposit each to the Bitcoin address you make your deposit from. That makes 144% of your deposit in total. The payments are made during fourty eight hours period, with one hour interval. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, and there’s no maximum. Do not make deposits from shared wallets ( wallet is fine) Deposits below 0.01 BTC are considered to be a donation.


You get your first payout right after your deposit gets confirmed.

This is actually true, after the first confirmation we received 3% of the 0.05 BTC we transfered. A mere 0.0015 BTC

Updates – Payments Satoshihype

  • We received now 3 payments of 0.0015 BTC, every hour one, since we have made the payment of 0.05 BTC. So far, so good, they are paying 3% every hour like they say.

satoshihype payments

  • Although payments are coming thru, we are wondering how this is possible. What is the magic? How is Satoshihype able to pay 44% in 2 days? You think it will run dry eventually, when people stop participating. Is this another crypto ponzi, or is there another explanation?
  • You can follow Satoshihype ‘s Blockchain here.
  • Satoshihype is still paying every hour. We have now received 8 payments in total, everytime 0.0015 BTC.
  • The website still hasn’t missed a payment. So far so good?
  • In the meantime the balance of Satoshihype is growing, check the bloackhain
  • They made a payment of 7 BTC to this adress.
  • If you also have experiende, please share it with everybody in the comments!
  • All 48 payments received.! From 0.05 BTC to 0.072.

 Important update.

We are getting some e-mails from visitors about Satoshihype. It seems that they have big problems and not paying anymore. First they announced that they cut payments tyo only once in the 2 hours. Now it seems they they not paying anymore.  This was to be expected of course. So be careful!!

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