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5 Guest Post: Five facts about Litecoin

FACT #1 – FOUR TIMES FASTER TRANSACTION TIMES There are 4 times as many Litecoins as there are Bitcoins, which equates to 84 million Litecoins to ever be in circulation. More Litecoins means smaller blocks of which…

0 ‘Litecoin Mining Difficulty Increases’

From Coindesk by Nermin Hajdarbegovic | Bitcoin mining on a standard GPU is a thing of the past. Put simply: it’s no longer economically viable, given the power consumption of discrete graphics cards and their relatively…

4 Is Litecoin picking up speed ?

While the price of Litecoin has dropped with 12% last month, the beginning of November has brought a strong increase. The price of Litecoin has risen significantly over the weekend. As you can see in the…