When Charlie Lee created Litecoin, the silver reflection of Bitcoin, he had only one thing in mind and that is to improve the resiliency of the whole cryptocurrency network. He wanted to express the value of altcoin. He saw some vulnerability in the Bitcoin network but for someone who didn’t have any authority, couldn’t do anything about it. So, in an attempt to show the loopholes of the Bitcoin network, Lee created his own cryptocurrency with new set of developers to take the code in a new direction.

A week ago, Lee wrote a post on Reddit in an attempt to provide a solution to the Bitcoin network’s current spam attacks. This was the same idea that Lee suggested three years ago in response to a pull request to codebase on GitHub. However, his idea was rejected by the developers at that time. He’s fully confident that his Litecoin network is immune to these types of attack. He mentioned in his post that:

“The reason why Litecoin is immune to this attack is because Litecoin was attacked in a similar fashion (though to a much smaller degree) years ago. And I noticed this flaw in Bitcoin and patched it in Litecoin.”

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